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     Levi Mecham was born and raised in rural Utah and has a strong connection with the outdoors as a result.  He attended Utah State University while in High School and received his Associates's degree at the same time as his High School diploma.  In 2004 he left his home town for two years and lived in Buenos Aires Argentina where he learned Spanish while doing missionary work for his church. 


  Later, Levi attended Brigham Young University and earned a Bachelor’s in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Upon leaving BYU in 2009, Levi started a GIS department for an Engineering/Surveying company that spans the rocky mountain corridor and specializes in oil and gas exploration.  Levi is still the GIS department manager.


     Levi’s love for history and writing has been lifelong as has his fascination with human geography.  He is known to read several books at a time surrounding a point of history that has caught his interest until he understands all of the aspects relevant to that interest.  Relating inspiring stories from the past in an entertaining way is a goal that he loves to pursue.  Levi currently lives in Vernal Utah.

picture of Levi Mecham l.j. stubbs
picture of Levi mecham / L.J. Stubbs
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